- The finest cotton in the world -

What is Supima cotton?

Supima (which stands for Superior pima) is the crème de la crème of all cottons. In fact, less than 1% of the cotton grown in the world is Supima cotton.

So what makes Supima the best cotton in the world?

When it comes to cotton, size does matter. The longer the fiber- the better.
Supima’s extra-long staple fibers (also known as ELS) make it stand out among all other cottons in terms of strength, softness and color’s retention:
Strength & durability  - The typical fiber length of regular cotton is 1 inch whereas Supima’s is about 1.5 inches, thus making Supima cotton twice as strong compared to regular cotton. Shorter fibers result in weaker yarn that breaks, pulls and tears easily. Supima’s ELS fibers are more resilient and durable than those of regular cotton, and products made of Supima also maintain their shape much better.
Softness  - The extra long fibers turn into an incredibly soft and smooth fabric that prevents pilling occurring on the surface. And the best part? Supima fabric gets softer and softer after each wash.
Color retention - Fabrics made of Supima cotton absorb dye much better than regular cotton, resulting in deeper and richer colors that will retain their vibrancy for many years to come, and will not fade after washing.
The Supima fabric we use is a percale fabric, with 300 thread count, making it not only light and breathable, but also cool and crispy to the touch.
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